Gold Leaf Energy Systems is part of a Global dealer network which has delivered guaranteed, no risk energy savings solutions for over 35 years. We create custom engineered turnkey solutions encompassing all aspects of electrical energy use to derive as much as 10- 25% savings annually. Savings are backed by Lloyds of London as substantiated by the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol. Through consultative, collaborative engagement, we enhance current power environments with no change to current operations. Equipment life expectancy is increased and electrical bills are decreased.
Gold Leaf Energy Systems all encompassing solutions take care of

  1. Increasing energy costs / lower energy consumption and costs continuously without changing process
  2. Power factor/Quality issues / improve power factor (quality)
  3. Capital cost of major equipment / extend the life of equipment
  4. Piecemeal cost cutting projects / holistic view of their whole environment for maximum savings

For all forms of commercial, manufacturing, processing and refrigerated operations