Our consultative, collaborative approach results in installation of power treatment technologies and where needed implement passive or active power quality correction at either individual loads, individual branch circuits or the master service entrance. The electricity savings from our power treatment methodologies are derived from these concepts:

Key Solution Components:

Lighting Correction / Retrofit

We are a full scale lighting retrofit company and bring the latest in commercial and industrial lighting solutions to our clients at competitive rates. Gold Leaf can work with existing lighting whether it is Incandescent, Fluorescent, HID, Halogen or LED. We will provide optimum recommendations for your environment.

We have developed an entire line of special purpose waveform modification based lighting controllers that significantly reduce total energy consumed by lighting fixtures, yet can achieve significant operating cost savings without reducing visible spectrum light output. All of our lighting controller technologies have been designed to suppress or trap broadband harmonic content from the load side the device, therefore adding to the systems’ cascade effect of both improved overall efficiency and overall facility power quality.

Wiring and Distribution Capacity:

Wiring a facility to meet local code requirements is primarily intended to provide a safe environment however, meeting code does not necessarily mean a facility will be energy efficient. Consequently, due to the failure of designing a system to be lightly loaded and cool operating, virtually every manufacturing plant we have encountered has been in serious need of remedial efforts to correct high current and distortion values. These values contribute to high electrical costs and higher cost from equipment replacement, repairs, and down time.

Power Factor Correction:

We have found that the careful application of properly sized (by VAR) capacitive devices in very close proximity to inductive loads clearly meets the ‘two benefit’ standard of generating direct and indirect savings. While such an approach requires specifically creating an exactly matched capacitor network for every single treated load in a facility, it more than pays for the effort in quick payback through consumption savings, savings from reduced down time and maintenance, and savings from improved power quality.

Line Loss and Voltage Drop:

Real line losses and voltage drops in commercial and industrial facilities far exceed the amounts, and effects, determined by classroom theories. Unlike these traditional calculation methods, which only consider isolated loads and circuits, real voltage drops in real facilities have wide ranging effects on the voltage and current values in the entire facility.